Online Mafia Game - The Best Multiplayer Mafia Game

Mafia Wars is an online mafia game that is set in New York City and Italy with the option of traveling to other places as well. It is a multiplayer mafia game that is currently played by over 19 million people all over the world. It is known to be the best mafia game ever released and can be used on popular websites such as Facebook and MySpace. This article will explain the basics about this online mafia game and provide some hints to dominate the game. If you haven't played this game before, I recommend getting started as soon as you can as it is a great game. My other articles will provide extra hints and tips on how to master Mafia Wars.

It is obvious that Mafia Wars is an online mafia game where you build a mafia family. It is a multiplayer game and there are many of other people to enjoy this game with. You can build a family while working to have the strongest family in the entire multiplayer mafia game. Building a strong family consists of having money, weapons, vehicles, armour, and defense. If you build a strong family, you will have a high advantage over this entire game.

While playing this online mafia game, you get the opportunity to work different jobs for different wages. This is another very important aspect of this multiplayer mafia game because working is absolutely necessary to play a good game. It is just like in real life, to have a half decent life you need to work to make money. Just like in Mafia Wars, working to make money is absolutely crucial to having a decent game. Money is the key to everything. Don't ever forget that because a lot of people overlook this exact fact. This is why a lot of people are not successful at this game and can not master Mafia Wars. They simply think they know how to play already but always wonder why they can't build their family.

When you do different jobs in this online mafia game, you make money. After you have money, you are able to buy things such as property. This makes your status in Mafia Wars higher because you are then worth more. You level up by fighting and doing jobs because that gives you experience like none other. When you get higher levels, more people want to be in your family. When more people want to be in your family, you will have a stronger family. Unless of course, these people are not strong but if that is the case then you should not allow them to continue with your family.

The purpose of this article was to explain some of the basics about this game. I offered a few hints on how to make this multiplayer mafia game run smoothly. You can read my other articles for more hints and tips on Mafia Wars. If you have ever played a mafia game you should already know the in's and out's of proper play procedure. If not, it is not hard to learn. There are a few guides out there that are great to learn how to dominate the game, however there are a lot out there that are not so great. Make sure you pick guides from those who have learned from the best and prove that they have high rankings in Mafia Wars, otherwise you will be paying just to see fillers of information such as how to set up a Facebook account, which I'm sure you already know. I wish you the best in your endeavors to master Mafia Wars.

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