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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Getty Images Not that long ago if you wanted to take a healthy vacation, your best bet was to go to a fancy hotel resort spa where you'd pay tons of money for treatments, massages and maybe sip some cucumber water by a pool. While that doesn't sound so bad, your options are now much more open.  Now you can purchase a single ticket for a wellness retreat or even a one-day festival pass, and get access to the top experts and experiences in the industry for way less than what you'd pay if you tried all of those experiences on their own. Thanks to social media and an overall increase in the effort to build community around brands and wellness concepts, every year brings new options for these types of experiences. Whether you're into immersive fitness experiences (think tons of classes with top trainers from around the country), want to try all of the latest healthy food trends or would rather sit in an interesting panel moderated by wellness experts while drinking a healthy cocktail or matcha, there's an event for you to go to in 2020. Pack your bags -- and keep reading for six of the best health and wellness events to go to in 2020.  Upgrade Labs Bulletproof/Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference  Dates: March 27-29, 2020 Location: Beverly Hills, California Ticket prices: $1,799 to $4,299 If you're interested in biohacking (the idea of optimizing your health and fitness, usually through tech and wellness practices) and 카지노사이트주소 - call yourself a Bulletproof coffee fan, the Upgrade Labs Biohacking conference will feel like a playground to you. Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof coffee (and a huge thought leader and innovator 카지노사이트 in the biohacking space) created an immersive experience for those looking to gather and learn from leading experts on topics like nutrition, genetics, fitness, brain health and try out new biohacking tech for themsel r> r> Think devices that promise to give you a full hour workout in less time, meditation through VR and more. This is definitely more a conference than a retreat: expect panels, talks and exhibits as well as healthy meals on site. If you want a vacation, perhaps book your hotel for a few more days and lounge on the California beaches after the confer r> r> Almost 30 is a popular wellness podcast that also hosts a retreat in M r> r> Almost 30/Heather Shane Almost 30 R r> Dates: May 5-8, r> r> Location: Calamigos Guest Ranch in Malibu, Cali r> r> Ticket prices: $2,350 to $3,295 (includes accommodations and r> r> Fans of the hit wellness podcast Almost 30 can experience the community and experts from the show at the brand's yearly retreat. The Almost 30 podcast was started by hosts Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams originally when they were navigating the transition from their 20s to their r> r> Now the podcast is one of the top-ranked wellness podcasts, and the hosts interview world-renowned experts in the fields of health, wellness, spirituality and personal development, such as motivational speaker and spiritual writer, Gabby Bernstein, Ayurveda expert Sahara Rose and celebrity fitness trainer Katrina Scott from Tone It Up. Even if you're not approaching your 30s, you can still get something out of the show since the audience and topics extend well beyond the 20-something demograph r> r> For this four-day retreat in Malibu, you can expect to hang with hosts Lindsey and Krista, meet top experts from the show, as well as work out with fitness experts, try yoga and meditation sessions, enjoy healthy meals and workshops centered about personal growth and health. If you've ever wanted to experience LA wellness and Malibu at its finest, this is the immersive retreat experience to do th r> r> Michelob Ultra hosts a series of fitness events every year across the co r> r> Michelob Ultra Movement Fest by Michelob r> Dates: TBA (usually in late summer or r> r> Locations: Various cities throughout r> r> Price: $35 to $75 per day, depending on th r> r> Movement by Michelob Ultra is an unexpected yet ultimate wellness and fitness experience for those that live by the mantra: balance. Yep, you read that right: it's hosted by a beer company. Movement's tagline is "Move. Sweat. Beer," which is a pretty accurate depiction of what you'll do at this festival. I attended Michelob Ultra's inaugural event, the Ultra Fit Fest in 2018, as well as its most recent event, Movement 2019 in Austin, Te r> r> Besides a laid-back and fun weekend (there's usually a pool party and a concert or DJ), you can expect plenty of fitness classes (ranging from yoga to cycling to dance cardio) all with the best-of-the-best instructors flown in from around the country. You'll also have plenty of recovery time with sessions where you can foam roll, get a Hyperice Massage Gun session and personal stretch, minifacials and even take a cooking class. The speakers and sessions center around wellness, fitness and lifestyle. The keynote motivational speakers range from top industry CEOs to pro athletes such as NFL playe r> r> The 2020 Movement Fest will tour around six cities in the US (with open ticketing for purchase) and culminate with an invite-only industry event to close out the series (usually this event is for Michelob Ultra's roster of wellness and 카지노사이트주소 - fitness brand ambassadors). Another thing to note is while many wellness events are marketed towards women, this event is one of the few that appeals to men as Now playing: Watch this: Impossible Foods CEO talks pork and the future of plant-based... 7:38 The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health es r> Comments Wellness Fitness Notification on Notification off Tv & audio