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The world of television is exceptionally exciting presently. It feels as though almost each year is heralded to be the peak of the golden age of television. So, in simple terms, every single year the content we watch just keeps getting better and better. I won't contend the merits of this declaration given that this is a highly subjective question. But there’s very little doubt that the quality of television has truly improved a whole lot over the past 10 years. One indicator of this is that many movie actors now eagerly take TV roles. One can’t help but wonder what will come in the foreseeable future. We’ve chosen to sit down and take a peek at tendencies in the television industry. There are so many things that could be anticipated to have a major impact but we'll talk about just 3 very essential ones. A major change that is becoming more and more prominent among recent trends in television broadcasting, is that TV shows are evermore broadcast online. More and more shows are launched directly on streaming services. This means that they are no longer chained to a specific broadcast time. This also means that increasingly all episodes are released simultaneously. This has had a major impact on content. There's less room to tinker between individual episodes but there is a greater payout for customers who want to binge watch. Streaming has also permitted a range of fairly niche programmes to sustain a following over the years. Dan Johnson follows the development of this exciting direction. There’s an extraordinarily significant new trend among the new trends in television broadcasting that’s going to perhaps end up impacting the medium for a long time to come. Diversity has struck the television industry in a big way recently. More TV programmes are getting female-led casts. As consumer tastes have changed, this change has come sweeping through. Increasingly ethnically diverse casts have also started becoming the standard. This has also led to a broader breadth in topics which shows deal with. In all probability, this might be a change that will end up sticking for good. Stephanie Allain is following this exceptionally closely. Occasionally it seems like at any given point in television there's a genre which dominates all others. 10 years or so ago, sitcoms would've been all the rage, with youths living in a city and a laugh track happening intermittently. Now nevertheless, we witness the rise of science fiction as a dominant genre. And it’s arrived in a number of assorted formats. All the way from anthologies, to adaptations of novels, to entirely new stories. There has been a revitalized interest in the genre and it's transforming TV. Arnaud de Puyfontaine is likely familiar with this, as he possibly follows the latest trends in television.